Independent Medical Examinations

The surgeons of Edison Spine Center are two of the most experienced independent medical examiners (IMEs) in the state of New Jersey. Being an IME means being fair and impartial and working toward a solution for all parties involved. 

When searching for an IME, impartiality is only the beginning. You also need an IME who is responsive, observant, transparent, communicates well and has experience in the role. 

At Edison Spine Center, our surgeons have decades of experience performing independent medical examinations. Through training and familiarity we have learned to look for: 

  • Objective manifestations of injury through a medical history and imaging studies
  • Subjective manifestations of injury through a thorough medical examination
  • General appearance both in and out of the exam room
  • Signs of deception or exaggeration

If you are an insurer, claims adjuster, attorney or defendant and would like to retain one of our spine experts for independent medical examination, please contact us

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