Worker’s Comp

Our physicians have been providing care for occupational injuries for more than 30 years. We are frequently retained for workers’ compensation cases by injured employees, insurance adjusters and case managers. 

Edison Spine Center providers are highly sought after for workers’ compensation cases because we understand the additional needs beyond treatment such cases require. 

Employees, adjusters and case managers need a physician group that can: 

  • Provide detailed documentation that can assist with claims resolution
  • Provide same-day appointments for emergency referrals
  • Provide notes and prescriptions in a timely fashion, often on the same day as the exam
  • Provide excellent communication with all parties involved

Edison Spine Center provides all these benefits and more. Our experience with workers’ compensation claims allows us to avoid delays and helps all involved reach the goal of returning workers to their pain-free pre-injury status.

We want what you want: Compassionate care for injured employees and a timely, agreeable resolution for all involved. Our experience makes the difference. 

If you are an insurance adjuster, claims manager, employer or employee, call Edison Spine Center to see how we can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim. 

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