Insurance Information

Edison Spine Center does not participate with private insurance plans (Blue Cross/Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc.). This is known as being “out-of-network”. We do accept Medicare (physician specific, please check with the receptionist or physician’s medical assistant when making your appointment). Often, our non-participation in private insurance is incorrectly simplified as meaning, “Edison Spine Center doesn’t take my insurance”. What non-participation actually means is that Edison Spine Center does not allow insurance companies to arbitrarily set coverage and payment for our services, and we do not necessarily accept their reimbursement as payment in full. The majority of private insurance plans have out-of-network coverage and will make payment for services rendered by non-participating providers. In fact, those plans typically charge additional premium for this out-of-network coverage (you are paying for this coverage; you should be able to use it). As a courtesy to our patients, Edison Spine Center submits all charges and paperwork to private insurance carriers and our billing and collection department spend a great deal of time advocating for and negotiating payment on your behalf.

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