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Hello Dr. Patti,

Just a few lines to say thank you so much for giving me my life back. since my lower back surgery, everything in my life has changed for the best. I have you to thank for that. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

May god bless you and your family. Once again, thank you!

Dr Patti is one of the most professional knowledgeable Doctors i have been to, before treatment started with Dr Patii i had 2 laminectomy discetomy’s and 1 Lumbar Fusion. Dr Patti is the only doctor i was treated by that believed me when i said something was wrong, he found i had 2 broken titanium screws which i was told it was all in my head by numerous Doctors. I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr Patti and his Staff i will never go to another Doctor for my back again!

Karen DeStefano

Hello my name is Daniel. I would like to tell my story of awful back pain I had for years and now live pain free and live a normal life style doing everything I used to do when much younger. I worked several decades as a letter carrier at the Postal Service and at the same time served as an Army Reservist. After twenty five years at the Post Office I had lower back pain that had gotten worse every year. Right after 9-11 I was called up to Active Duty. At age 55 and now five years mobilized my lower back got much worse due to age and the rigors of being back in the Army full time. After four years my condition worsened and I complained to the military medical folks how bad my pain was and how regularly I would pinch the sciatic nerve to my right leg. This went on for four years and now into my eighth year mobilized and each time was sent back to my unit with Ibuprofen 800 and stretching instructions. After nine years mobilized the day came that I was to demobilize and return to reserve status. By coincidence, as I was going through the demob and out-processing I had the worse back incident ever and required an emergency trip to the ER. I was X-rayed and diagnosed with L-4 to S-1 extreme degenerative disc disease. It was also at that time I was placed into the Wounded Warrior Program. I was now 56 and given the opportunity in the program to seek help in my home town region for medical care. I met Dr. James E. Patti and he determined that was a patient that would be best relieved of my low back trouble through elective surgery. Dr. Patti performed a hours long procedure and I stayed overnight. As unbelievable as this sounds, I was up the next day and ready to start a new pain free life right away. When I returned for my follow up Dr. Patti and his assistants were amazed at my miraculous recovery. I was absolutely 100% pain free and showed them my greatly improved stamina and agility. Now five years since surgery I’ve been pain free and haven’t had one episode of lower back pain or those torturous debilitating sciatic nerve occurrences. My life now at 63 is so remarkably pleasant that everyone says I’m getting younger as they age! Every December I return to Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic to express my sincere gratitude, especially Dr. James Patti who has given me the greatest gift in my life and express how thankful I have been to have met him and the Group in Edison. The doctors at EMOG are the most professional and talented in the field of Orthopedics. The cheerful atmosphere at their office always gave me comfort when I visited for appointments. Anytime I hear someone complain they have orthopedic problems I tell them- Make An Appointment at EMOG-NOW.

Daniel Nothstein

Dr. Joseph Lombardi performed a complete laminectomy to help improve Beatrice’s daily life after a bad fall.

Beatrice Moskowitz

Dr. Lombardi made certain that my surgical experience was successful and emotionally supported. I went from excruciating pain visible to others by my bent over frame and anguished face to pain free daily activity highlighted by smiles and straight frames. Dr. Lombardi was meticulous throughout the surgery and ensured my future physical success.

Beatrice Moskowitz

I would highly recommend Dr. Joseph Lombardi to anyone for a surgeon who truly cares for his patients and makes himself available no matter how busy he is. Dr. Lombardi took the time to explain the procedure used for a Lumbar Microdiscectomy and made sure that I understood what was involved with the procedure and also what to expect afterward. He and his wonderful staff scheduled the surgery quickly in an effort to relieve my pain and I must say the surgery went extremely well and I was almost immediately free of pain.

Paula Moyle

Dr. Patti is very professional and very thorough. He is highly regarded and a lumbar and cervical spine surgeon. He has years of specialized training and experience and I have been very pleased having him as my lumbar and cervical spine physician, as those are the areas in which he is helping me relieve pain and improve my quality of life.

Ann H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Patti for many years. He knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a great back doctor.

Anthony O’Donnell

Excellent doctor. Good bed-side manner, thorough, explained everything well with the MRI and report. Now we are waiting for the results from the EMG to get more details.

Lisa P.

I have had a good experience at this office, the nurses and Dr. Joe have always been very professional and helpful.


Very helpful & kind about my ailments!


Even though this is a huge office, once I get in for my appt. I am treated like the only patient here.


Dr. Patti has helped me to function as an almost human since my accident I am walking which I was not before seeing him.


Dr. Patti performed a cervical fusion on me December 2016, the staff was great, answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable and calm the day of the surgery. I have less pain and more movement with my neck and arms. I continue to do my at home exercises from physical therapy, it is taking a while but I am getting more strength and endurance every day. I am hopeful that by the year point I will be able to do all the things I have had difficulty doing for the last few years. I would highly recommend Dr. Patti, he is very good and very friendly. My scar is very unnoticeable, he did a wonderful job all around.

Rose M
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