Sciatica Treatment at Edison Spine Center

Sciatica, the pain in legs or buttocks caused by a compressed nerve or nerve root, can have multiple causes and treatment options. The compressed nerve is often caused by a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or a bone spur growth. Each patient will require a thorough examination to determine the treatment plan unique to their condition.

Treatment of sciatica is largely dependent on the diagnosis and the cause of the compressed nerve. At Edison Spine Center, we will explore all conservative treatment methods before considering surgical treatment options.

At Edison Spine Center our treatment of sciatica is comprised of the following options:


diagnosis to inform proper treatment plan

Conservative Care

physical therapy & steroidal injections

Surgical Treatment

laminectomy, discectomy & laser disc decompression

Physicians at Edison Spine Center

Team of Physicians Dedicated to Sciatica Treatment

orthopedic spine surgeon dr. lombardi
Dr. Lombardi
pain management specialist dr. aranas
Dr. Aranas
orthopedic spine surgeon dr. patti
Dr. Patti

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