Getting Younger as I Age!

Hello my name is Daniel. I would like to tell my story of awful back pain I had for years and now live pain free and live a normal life style doing everything I used to do when much younger. I worked several decades as a letter carrier at the Postal Service and at the same time served as an Army Reservist. After twenty five years at the Post Office I had lower back pain that had gotten worse every year. Right after 9-11 I was called up to Active Duty. At age 55 and now five years mobilized my lower back got much worse due to age and the rigors of being back in the Army full time. After four years my condition worsened and I complained to the military medical folks how bad my pain was and how regularly I would pinch the sciatic nerve to my right leg. This went on for four years and now into my eighth year mobilized and each time was sent back to my unit with Ibuprofen 800 and stretching instructions. After nine years mobilized the day came that I was to demobilize and return to reserve status. By coincidence, as I was going through the demob and out-processing I had the worse back incident ever and required an emergency trip to the ER. I was X-rayed and diagnosed with L-4 to S-1 extreme degenerative disc disease. It was also at that time I was placed into the Wounded Warrior Program. I was now 56 and given the opportunity in the program to seek help in my home town region for medical care. I met Dr. James E. Patti and he determined that was a patient that would be best relieved of my low back trouble through elective surgery. Dr. Patti performed a hours long procedure and I stayed overnight. As unbelievable as this sounds, I was up the next day and ready to start a new pain free life right away. When I returned for my follow up Dr. Patti and his assistants were amazed at my miraculous recovery. I was absolutely 100% pain free and showed them my greatly improved stamina and agility. Now five years since surgery I’ve been pain free and haven’t had one episode of lower back pain or those torturous debilitating sciatic nerve occurrences. My life now at 63 is so remarkably pleasant that everyone says I’m getting younger as they age! Every December I return to Edison-Metuchen Orthopaedic to express my sincere gratitude, especially Dr. James Patti who has given me the greatest gift in my life and express how thankful I have been to have met him and the Group in Edison. The doctors at EMOG are the most professional and talented in the field of Orthopedics. The cheerful atmosphere at their office always gave me comfort when I visited for appointments. Anytime I hear someone complain they have orthopedic problems I tell them- Make An Appointment at EMOG-NOW.

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