Here you’ll find the latest Edison Spine Center news, as well as deeper dives into all things spine-related. You’ll learn about sports injuries, auto accidents, little-known facts about back and neck pain and so much more. Even after decades of practice we are still fascinated by and passionate about the spine, and after reading we hope you will be too. Enjoy!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Reduces Lower Back Pain

Suffering from lower back pain can feel like an endurance test of Olympic proportions, wearing…

Bone Spurs

What Are Bone Spurs?

Though their name may conjure an image of hard, dangerous looking spikes on a boot,…

crick in the neck

Crick in the Neck? Here’s What to Do

You might be comforted to know that “crick in the neck” isn’t a real medical…

Spine Doctor Consultation

Do You Need Back Surgery?

Back pain? You’re in good company. About 80 percent of people worldwide will experience back…

Cervical disc replacement and ACDF are both viable treatments for neck pain and radiculopathy

Cervical Disc Replacement vs ACDF: Which Should You Choose?

If you have neck pain or radiating pain caused by damage to the cervical spine,…

Warm up your spine before exercising in cold weather

Warm Up Your Spine for Winter Workouts

It may be cold outside, but don’t let the temperature stop you from meeting your…

Back Pain Exercises

The Best Lower Back Exercises and Stretches

When your lower back hurts, it is better to do more, not less. That might…

Sleeping with Neck Pain

Sleeping Positions for Back and Neck Pain

Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough with back or neck pain. It’s a…

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

How to Fix Failed Back Syndrome

When your back hurts, surgery can seem like the last best hope. If you’ve tried—without…

Spinal Cord Injury Exam

September is Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

At Edison Spine Center, we’ve seen many spinal cord injuries due to our work as…

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